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Celebrating the winners whom we call as

Diabetes Superheroes.

Zyla celebrates “Our Diabetes
Superheroes” & their unique journeys.




Meet Mrs. Sunil Aggarwal : A journey from Supermom to Diabetes Superhero

Mrs. Sunil Aggarwal's story is the epitome of grace and strength in the face of life's challenges. It is her selflessness and devotion to her family that makes her a super mom, but what makes her a superhero is taking control of her destiny.

Sunil Aggarwal

58 Years, Gurugram


Meet Mr. Manase Stox Peter: A Diabetes Superhero whose family is his greatest strength.

An ordinary man with an extraordinary journey, Mr. Manase Peter's story is not just of an uphill battle of achieving his desired health outcomes but one that celebrates his relationship with his family, his strongest support system. Isn’t it amazing how far one can go just because someone believed in them?

Manase Stox Peter

61 Years, Pune


Meet Mr. Mallesh Mane who managed to reverse his Diabetes and stop Insulin in 6 months.

Despite facing many obstacles in his path, Mr. Mallesh Mane never fell short of dedication and commitment to achieve his vision of being in control of Diabetes. From finding the right solution that would work for him to putting in the effort to fulfil his health goals, he has done it all.

Mallesh Mane

61 Years, Pune


Salute to Dr. Harsh Mangal - A diabetes superhero fighting COVID19 on the frontlines.

Dr. Harsh Mangal is an anaesthetist who runs his own 70-bed hospital. He is indeed a true hero, who, despite being a diabetic, has been bravely fighting the COVID-19 pandemic head-on at the frontlines and putting himself at risk each day to save the lives of countless others.

Dr. Harsh Mangal

47 Years, Ujjain


Story of Mrs. Shanti Ganesh - “How raising my son with autism helped me conquer my diabetes”

The story of Mrs Shanti Ganesh is enough to stir even the toughest of hearts. She is a woman of utmost willpower and perseverance. Her battle with diabetes is truly inspiring but more than that, her fight against her son’s autism is something to learn from. Her life story is nothing short of amazing and teaches us that hard work and dedication never goes unrewarded.

Shanti Ganesh

53 Years, Gurugram


Meet Mr. Ashok Hiranandani: “Diabetes came into my life like a storm, but I came out stronger on the other side.”

The story of Mr. Ashok Hiranandani reflects that will-power, self-discipline and the right attitude can turn around the darkest of situations into a story that inspires millions. Here is a man who looks after his own self with the utmost dedication and shows the same zeal and enthusiasm when it comes to serving fellow humans.

Ashok Hiranandani

61 Years, Bangalore


Story of Mr. Prabhash Jha - “My journey of reducing fasting sugar levels from 348 to 120 with a healthy lifestyle”

Mr. Prabhash Jha, an optimist and positive thinker, is a 57-year-old businessman. A true believer of ‘actions speak louder than words’, he has been following a very healthy lifestyle since a long time which has helped him achieve his target sugar levels!!

Prabhash Jha

57 Years, Noida


Mr. Rudra Pratap Singh - “How I turned diabetes from a curse into a blessing in disguise.”

Rudra Pratap Singh’s journey with Diabetes has been one of physical and emotional self-discovery, where he has grown from a rebellious teenager to a responsible young man as he battled the challenges Diabetes threw his way. His story helps us all believe that indeed there is a light at the end of the tunnel, all it takes is the right attitude to find it.

Rudra Pratap Singh

18 Years, Kanpur


Story of Mr. Sameer Chawla - “I was feeling fine but the reports showed I needed to undergo bypass surgery.”

A type-2 diabetic with a job that required travelling all around the world, he has had a health journey that many working people might relate to. Post a life-changing CABG bypass surgery, he has worked hard to reduce his HbA1C from 11.2 to 7.3 in just 6 months.

Sameer Chawla

51 Years, Noida


Mrs. Kanika Jain - “I brought my HbA1C down from 10.1 to 6.6 in just 2 months.”

Mrs. Kanika Jain is a 34 y/o dedicated and hard-working woman. Faced with the challenge of Type 2 Diabetes at such a young age, it took her a while to accept the gravity of her condition and take charge of her health, but once she did, there was no turning back.

Kanika Jain

34 Years, Delhi


Mr. Sunny Pardeshi - “Overcoming my high sugar levels during the lockdown”

Mr. Sunny Pardeshi is an advocate living with his parents. When the world was fighting against the challenge of the pandemic, he was faced with a challenge of his own - Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Find out how he managed his new diagnosis, with no prior knowledge of how to deal with it.

Sunny Pardeshi

37 Years, Mumbai


Mr Sandeep Mathur - “My journey from hypertension to diabetes to a healthy lifestyle”

Mr Sandeep Mathur is a 52-year-old diabetic who is currently enjoying his life after years of hard work and hustle. Having worked several high power roles for the past 30 years, he now channels this drive and dedication into taking care of his health and living life to the fullest.

Sandeep Mathur

52 Years, Delhi


Mr Beenu Bhalla: “How I brought my sugar levels down from 330 to 120 as a full-time working man”

Mr Beenu Bhalla is a 52-year-old man working hard as a Sales Director, with 2 sons and a working wife. After years of ignoring his health due to work, now he makes sure to push himself the extra mile for his health. He even has his own list of hacks to control sugar levels as a full-time working professional!

Beenu Bhalla

52 Years, Faridabad


Mrs Mamta Gupta: “Why I call myself a non-diabetic now”

Mrs Mamta Gupta is a 58-year-old housewife and business owner, running a successful sweet shop in Lucknow. Despite all the sweets around her, she has shown great restraint. Following a daily routine that is as healthy as can be, she has managed to bring her sugar levels under strict control.

Mamta Gupta

58 Years, Lucknow


Mr Vamsi Krishna: “Ever since that day I get my full body tests done every 3 months.”

An inspiration to everyone who is struggling to manage their health with a full-time job, Mr Vamsi Krishna has managed to achieve many health goals with his single-minded focus and strict control. His Diabetes journey embodies the saying "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

Vamsi Krishna

41 Years, Hyderabad


Mr Rajesh Deshpande: “Defeating not one, but three chronic disorders with the right decisions”

Mr Rajesh Deshpande is a 49-year-old diabetic, who has worked hard to defeat 3 chronic conditions- Diabetes, Hypertension and Cholesterol. His journey from an IT professional to a finance investor has been an interesting one, fuelled by his dedication towards a healthier lifestyle.

Rajesh Deshpande

49 Years, Mumbai


Ms Renuka Ramesh: “My journey from cursing to now celebrating my health”

Ms Renuka Ramesh, a 59-year-old homemaker and former French teacher. Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the year 2003, she brings to light the challenges faced by most patients managing a lifestyle disease.

Renuka Ramesh

59 Years, Delhi


Mr Prashanth Baliga- “Maintaining my sugar levels without any medications”

Mr Prasanth Baliga is a 48-year-old businessman recently afflicted with the sugar disorder. His worried family put pressure on him to visit a doctor but he asked them to give 3 months time to get a grip on his health without any medicines. And, so he did!

Prashanth Baliga

48 Years, Bangalore


Mr Ketan Sheth: “After 24 years with Diabetes and a heart attack, I have finally controlled my Diabetes”

Mr Ketan Sheth is a 59-year-old loving father and husband. His story is one that beautifully portrays that it’s never too late to start working on your health. No matter the hardships, he has never considered any attempt a failure and never stopped looking for more ways to improve.

Ketan Sheth

59 Years, Mumbai

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